Jabón Zorro d´Avi Organic Clay Soap. Exfoliating

Jabón Zorro d´Avi

Jabón Zorro d´Avi

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Body, facial and capillary background,


  • Olega Europeea Fruit Oil.
  • Aqua
  • ,
  • Sodium Hydroxide.

* Certified ecológico ingredient, 100% certified ecológicos.



  • Jabón artisanal ecológico made with superior quality ecológico olive oil obtained by means of medical procedures #225;nicos and red clay.
  • Does not contain animal-derived ingredients.
  • Jabón free of parabens, dyes, preservatives and flavorings.
  • Exento of mineral oils derived from petróleo.
  • Sym environmentally friendly biodegradable product.
  • 't tested on animals,
  • 120 grams (approx.)


Adequated to remove excess fat, blackheads and pimples from the



  • Apply on the húmeda face and give light massages performing circular movements after having previously foamed with your hands. insisting on the forehead, nose and mentón, letting the foam work for two minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of water,
  • Use once or twice a week,
  • For the rest of the body and hair, follow the same procedure by letting the foam work a little more than #225;s of time and affecting with more #225;s perseverance directly with the jabón on the area to be treated.

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