Heirs of Felix Sanz - Quesos Campoveja
"Quesos artesanos y de autor"
Tercera generación elaborando quesos

C/ El porro, 62 47231 Serrada, Valladolid

My grandfather Félix was a baker and my father was #243 born; in the midst of a civil war. They were añ#237;cyles. In 1950 my grandfather startedó to send local cheeses to Barcelona to his cuñado, where éste sells #237 them in the markets. Each cheese was #237;a made a shepherd, or moreás well his wife, and therefore each cheese was different.... ¿Félix, whyé you don't do tú cheeses?, was The question Luis asked him. Así cheeses beán all more #225;s similar and sell themé better.

And así it was like in 1952 my grandfather pasó from being a baker to quesero.

thightly happen to my father #237, and now my brothers and I are therefore third generation #243;n.


Campoveja is like an artist, a singer or a writer. His paintings, songs or novels tell us a historía, but they tell us how they see it, they understand it, they feel it, that is, in a #250;nica way. Without his personality, that work does not exist#237;a.

Así Campoveja is different from others, it is the result of our personalities, of our circumstances, of our lives. We drink from our #237; genes, we are who we are thanks to our grandfather, to our father... we maintain traditions that knew usñthey edded like maturation;#243;n on wooden board or aging in cava subterránea. But we also #233;n develop our "R&D P", research #243;n and personal development, which shows our way of seeing, feeling and living the world of cheese and as a result gives us new cheeses like smoked cheese (the best smoked cheese in the world at the international cheese awards in England), or truffle with black truffle,... different cheeses, by author.


Campoveja is a small team #241; or in which each of the pieces becomes essential. From sheep grazing to cheese sales, in all phases we turned to bring out the best of us,