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Elche Grenades
"Pon salud en tu vida, consume productos Granavida®"
Producción y distribución de Granadas y sus derivados.


Granadas de Elche S.L. we are a production company of Granadas Mollar Elche. The cultivation of the pomegranate in Elche has been carried out for #225 more than 1,000 years in #241 Our land, passing #233 the cultivation techniques from one generation to #243 another.

The Granada is a fruit with a very promising present and future. The important discoveries that have been made in the últimos años at universities around the world show that pomegranates and their derivatives such as juice are the natural products with the highest antioxidant content.

The Mollar Elche Grenade is one of the most #225 valued fruits in the world, for its extraordinary flavor and high content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The cultivation of our Mollar Elche Grenades is done in a traditional way, respecting our natural environment and complying with the strict traceability standards that are required in the European Unionón.

Of our own harvests we handcraft our best Mollar Elche Grenades, at their point ómature ptimoón to get our Granavida pomegranate juice®.


Omos a project carried out and financed ífully by a family of farmers from Campo de Elche, to directly market our best Mollar Elche Grenades and our own Granavida® to private individuals, fruterías, restaurants...

Getting indications and studies carried out on the process in various Universities, we pack it in glass bottles of 200 ml.

If there are several studies that certify that glass is the única way to preserve pomegranate juice, to guarantee máximo all antioxidants, minerals and vitamins of fresh fruit.


Detrás of the Granavida® brand, there is a great multidisciplinary team without which to beían impossible to achieve everything we propose. The people who with their work and dedication #243;n make it possible for us to reach as many homes with a product of as much quality as Granavida®.