Granavida® Ferragnes almond 3 kg


Granadas de Elche

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  • 3 kg of almonds
  • Categoría: Extra
  • Variity: Ferragnes
  • Source: Elche (Alicante)
  • Port Free on península. (Other destinations consult)
  • IVA included

The consumption of almonds helps   prevent disease

Divid studies conducted by countless  experts have been able to show that those who have almonds in their diet frequently, i.e. about five times a week, have a fifty percent más chance of being able to reduce the risk of developing a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. According to #250;n these studies, almonds strengthen and protect the walls of our  arteries from any daño that may occur in them. Últimally also being recommended #225 #233;n being recommended #160 to reduce the risk of contracting cáncer.

almedras for bones and teeth

Thans to their high fósforo content, the usual consumption of almonds helps us as they are a powerful food to help us protect and strengthen our bones and teeth. It is important that we be clear and así we must tell our children that we must take good care of the health of our bones and teeth, and so sóeating almonds a few times a week we can achieve it.

to lose weight

The almonds in their composity contain #243 vegetable fat, this type of fat does not harm our metabolism at all, against those people who have them included in their usual diet and who therefore consume them quite regularly are not usually prone to gain weight and therefore maintain a leaner silhouette.

's very good for the brain

The frequent consumption of almonds drives the brain to have greater activity, which allows the risk of diseases as complicated and degenerative as Alzheimer's to be reduce


Sambién provides powerful nutrients to the nervous system, achieving #225 a high intellectual level and an increase in longevity.

s your other benefits…

The almonds and in general all nuts are foods of great use to our body, which give very good amounts of fibers, abundant proteínas, minerals, vitamins B and E, and además healthy fats.

Almonds are fabulous to get energía naturally, to prevent the risk of disease in a very fácil way and without having to do any #250;n kind of effort or sacrifice.

With regular consumption of almonds we can increase the brain function #243;n, so that this órgane is maintained in total activity, thus managing to maintain normal functions at the point máximo. In this way it is possible to have an adulthood with a higher quality of life, enjoying the beautiful things of life with más lucidity and clarity.

¿Cómo eat them?

The most common #225;s way to #250 enjoy almonds is to incorporate them into salads#225 in smoothies, add them to #225 different desserts, which by their position should be healthy, such as fruit salads, without ice cream and adding instead of milk cream a natural yogurt; also #233;n you can prepare a mix of several nuts to which you can add more almonds. Another way to consume them más fácil and without complications of any kind is simply alone, in the middle mañana or in the afternoon as a rich snack.

In any way you want to eat them, this Bá a big step that will give you a very good health both física and mental, and if you #241 accompany it with a balanced #243;n feed and consume abundant fruits and vegetables, you can be a sure that you are always a #225 very healthy and vital person

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