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Tervalis Foundation
"Cada vez que compras un producto Fertinagro Vida de la Fundación Térvalis ayudas a crear empleo para personas con capacidades diversas."
Confección de mascarillas y elaboración de Abonos ecológicos y Esencias.


The Fundación Tervalis is a non-profit entity #225 that started its #243 activities in 2005 as an initiative of the Térvalis Group, under the slogan" to return to society some of what society has given us".

Of then we develop our activity mainly by creating quality and sustainable employment for people at risk of #243 social exclusion or with #250;n.#243 #233

We manage the Teruel Food Bank, cooperate in África with education projects #243;n and collaborate in all those actions that involve a social commitment.

Our main objective is to improve the quality of life for people más vulnerable to give them #225 the opportunity to be self-sufficient through #233;s of a job.

The benefits obtained are reinvested to improve facilities and develop new activities.


Of fundación we have several brands of our own that are #225 allowing us to open new business líneas since that is our main goal, continue to grow in order to increase the #250 number of vulnerable people employed:

FERTINAGRO VIDA: Since 2017 we are producing, packaging and marketing ecológicos fertilizers for the orchard and jardín.

AMA: Productionón and marketing #243 of 100% ecológico de lavanda.

REIITE: It is a clothing brand where art and society are its main objective. The garments are made in the sewing workshop of the Fundación.

Sothually we are manufacturing reusable and customizable figé #250;n the UNE-00065:2020 standard. We have children's and adult models.


In total there are 65 people in templateón vulnerability.