Fertinagro Vida Smart Universal Voucher. 5 kg bag.

Fertinagro Vida

Fundación Tervalis

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ANO COMPLEX NPK (Mg-S) 10-10-17(2-20) WITH MICRONUTRIENTS. B.1.1. (ECR 2003/2003).

Universal work for use in orchard and jardín. Especially suitable for all types of ornamental plants (herbáceas, shrubs and árboles)

Worked with technologías DURANIT® and NITROPOWER® which reduce the pénitrógeno noises increasing their availability being in this way more sustainable #225 and causing less environmental impact.

Potasium from potash sulfate that decreases the risk of salinización soil. Magnesium from magnesium sulfate.

Contains MonoCarbamide DiHidrógeno, Sulfate (MCDHS), único urease inhibitor approved by MARM secún Order PRE/630/2011

Declared Content:

  • Nógeno (N) total 10%

  • Nitrógeno (N) ammoniacal 4%

  • Nitrógeno (N) ureic 6%

  • Pentófósforo (P2O5) soluble in water and amónico neutral citrate 10%

  • Pentófósforo (P2O5) water soluble 6%

  • Ópotassium powder (K2O) soluble in water 17%

  • ÓMgO total 2%

  • Triósulfur oxide (SO3) water soluble 20%

  • Boro (B) total 0.02%

  • Hyerro (Fe) total 0.05%

  • A total (Mn) 0.02%

  • Zinc (Zn) total 0.02%

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