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"Detergente Ecológico ECOLABEL"
detergente líquido ecológico con encimas y aceites naturales

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Make 2 años that we managed to bring our product to market #233 after many años of formulations and tests in order to offer an ecológico detergent, whose components were of natural origin avoiding the use of products that were of natural origin, such as tí #243;xicos products such as phosphatates, endocrine disruptors, petroleum derivatives #243;leo (benzins), microplásticos, etc.

And to attest to this, we have obtained the demanding European ecological certification #243;n ECOLABEL, being the first detergent for washing machine with this certificate made in Galicia.


Our business consists of the elaboration #243 of an ecológico detergent, made with essential oils (eucalyptus) and natural enzymes avoiding the use of químicos tóxicos elements, which makes it especially recommended for people with sensitive skin, drinkés, etc.

Althing to the largest possible númere households, and have our customers try our detergent totally environmentally friendly.


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