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Líquido Encimático EucaGreen

Eucagreen is a new ecológico detergent certified with the “European ecolaben” label; which guarantees its quality and respect for the environment.

Fabricated in Galicia, it is #225; made with eucalyptus essential oils, essences and natural enzymes.

They is a detergent that uses natural enzymes for cleaning your clothes, free of products that are #237;micos tóxicos and fully biodegradable, so it is á especially suitable for people with sensitive skin and drinking #233;s.

¿Qué is Ecolabel?

Ecolabel is an ecoló #243;gica certification designed by the EU to all products that ensure a low environmental impact throughout its life cycle. The origin of such labels is the result of the growing concern #243;n for the care of the environment and the struggle for the sustainability of our planet.

Eucagree is an ecológico detergent labeled Ecolabel, the Ecológica label of the European Unionón, which proves that this ecológico detergent meets the requirements requested and that it is environmentally friendly; both the product and its packaging. It is made with natural oils and enzimáticos and contains no components químicos tóxicos or harmful.

The use #160;use of natural detergent is positive for the sustainability of our planet and greatly helps to reduce water #243;n pollution. In additionás, this is a product that works effectively at low temperatures, which contributesá to minimize water and energy consumption #237;a.


Recommissioned for all types of clothing, white and colour meets the efficiency requirements for the concessión of the EU ecológica label. Follow dosage instructions #243;n and recommended low temperature más contributeá minimize water and energy consumption #237;a and reduce water #243;n contamination.


Recommended detergent dose líecológico for a normal washing machine load (4´5 kg dry clothing): 16g/kg dry clothing at a temperature of washing of 30ºC in medium hardness water (2´5 mmol/L). see dosing table #243;n in function #243;n of the degree of dirt and hardness of the water. Washing recommendations: Wash at the lowest possible temperature. Use the washing machine at full capacity,

COMPOSICIÓN: Among others; Between 15-30 % non-iónicos surfactants, between 5-15% of aniónicos surfactants; between 5-15% jabón, bleach ópticos, enzymes, perfume, preservative (phenoxyethanol, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone). Substance contributing to the classification #243: Alcohol, C12-15, ethoxolate; Alcohol, C12-14, ethoxylated, sulfate, sodium salts, Lauril Glucoside; D-Glucopiranosa, oligómeres, decil octil glicósidos

PRECAUTIONS: DANGER, Causes skin irritationó #225;nea.

  • Causes serious eye injuries. If advice is needed #233;dico, have the packaging or label handy. Keep out of reach of children #241; Wash thoroughly after handling #243;n.
  • In case of skin contact: Wash with plenty of water.
  • In case of eye contact: In juagar with water carefully for several minutes. Remove contact lenses when they are #233 present and can be done easily. Continue washing. In case of skin #243;nánea: consult a médico.

Remove the contents or container in accordance with the #243;n of waste treatment. Do not ingest. IN CASE OF ACCIDENT CONSULT THE MÉDICO SERVICE OF INFORMATIONÓN TOXICOLÓGICA (Tel. 915620420).

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