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Essence 1116 S.L.
"Esencia de la tierra: salud y fortaleza"
Producción de aceites esenciales de lavanda y lavandin super


Esencia 1116 commenceó in the año 2019, to boost the rural world to which we belong and boost natural products, without additives or products thatímicos, and offer así a 100% pure and natural product.

We are in La Alcarria, Sierra Norte de Guadalajara, valuable area and única to get the quality that our essential oils have. 

We are a family business, we have lavender fields and super own lavender and #237 lavender, from which we extract essential oils of a high quality, with which we intend to continue to maintain the tradition that #243 our grandparents started with the distillation of #243 the natural spleg so widespread by our region.


Our project is to publicize our super 100% pure and natural lavender and lavandin essential oils to anyone who enjoys and uses natural products. Whether they manufacture their own natural products, soaps, cosméticos, etc., or those who want to benefit from the properties of essential oils through aromatherapy, relaxation #243;n, dermatológico use, etc.

Pretain to give the value that really deserves the work of the farmer, the basis of our project. That is why we want to market our essential oils directly to the end user without going through any intermediary. Directly from the destilería to the end customer.


Somos a family business consisting of three brothers and supported by the respective couples, in which each brings a value toñadido to this family project, and having a criterion of unanimity in the different áreas of work. Always prevailing the unión, respect and support between us, which makes our parents proud, who are the fundamental pillar of this project and our family.