Esencia 1116 30 ml bottle with super lavandin dropper

Esencia 1116

Esencia 1116 S.L.

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Frasco of 30 ml with lavandin dropper super


The essential oil is the result of the distillation #243;n of the fresh flowers of Lavandín Super which generates a colorless-looking essence, with a pleasant fragrance but that to taste can be bitter. It has unrivalled properties. Its wide usefulness has led it to be considered, along with lavender, the king of essential oils.

  • Name botánico: Lavándula hybrida clone super
  • DesistedParte: the flowers of Lavandín Super.
  • Origen: Guadalajara - España
  • Cultivo: its cultivation occurs naturally wild or can be grown.
  • Famiánica: Lamiáceas
  • Principals Active Principles: in addition to its más prominent active substances are linalol, ocilme, linalilo acetate, lavandulilo acetate.



The composición química of lavandín super essential oil is complex, as it has about más of 150 active ingredients.

The essence of lavandín super contains alth ésteres, which are part of the particular smell of Lavandín Super for its moléculas aromáticas and in turn produces anti-spasmódicos and analgésicos.

Intre the compounds of the essence of lavandín super is flax acetate, which is a terpene alcohol, whose main function #243;n is to be germicidal by nature, other components such as cis-ocimeno lavandulilo acetate, 1.8-cineol, limonene and geraniol, also #233;n join its germicidal or bactericidal power, antiséptico and in turn antivirals and anti-inflammatory, also adding #233;n aroma to its fresh fragrance.


The essential oil has no expiry date, although it is advisable to consume it in the 2 años following its distillation #243;n. In any case, it must be stored tightly closed, in a cool place and without sunlight, to prevent its evaporation #243;n.


this oil is really amazing, The list of benefits is very broad: antiséptico, analgésico, cytofilático, antispasmódico, tónico, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, muscle relaxant, astringent, antidepressant, deodorant, sweatífico, hypotensive, sedative. 

  1. Therapy
  2. masks
  3. and dry skins
  4. swollen skins,
  5. Commpté
  6. headaches
  7. Problems with insomnia and agitation #243;n
  8. for insect bites
  9. with dermatitis
  10. in burns and skin rashes
  11. Sípremenstrual ndromes and menstrual pains
  12. opaque hair and frágiles
  13. And depressed #243;n
  14. Use tópeak in dogs to relax them during travel


The use of essences during pregnancy is not #225; allowed.

The essential oil of lavandín super is for safe use for adults, but the same is not true for drinks#233;s. So it is advisable not to use tópicamente or ingest the essence of lavandín super by the bebés as they are more than #225;s the risks that benefits you can bestow.



The lavandines are harvested when you are #225 in floración, in summer (late July or early August), prolongándose flowering #243;n about 40-50 Días. To get the máximo performance it is recommended to start collecting when there are between 75-80% of the flowering plants. This moment coincides with the flowering #243;n of the espliego (mid or late August). You have to start harvesting when the spikes have half the flowers open. In the case of lavender#237;n the harvest can be extended #225 more than in lavender or spleg, since the flowers do not give seed and the yield is essentially not lost.


The traditional #233;all is based on the distillation #243;n by steam current for about 30-40 min. Before distilling, it is advisable to allow the harvest to dry in the field for 1-2 días so that it loses moisture, increases the capacity of the plant to be distilled and the extraction of #243;n of the oil is facilitated. The distillation #243;n by steam drag consists of introducing the productive matter of the plant into a tank (boiler) through which a stream of water vapour is passed that volatilizes and drags the moléculas aromáticas of the plant. When circulating this stream of water vapour through the #237;n, where it is cooled, condensation #243;n. This allows the steed or florentine glass, after decantingón by difference in densities, to separate the water from the essential oil.

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