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Eirene Publishing House
"Hechos con buena letra"
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They started preparing our project at the end of 2010 and in 2012 we published our first títulos.

Our world sailed in the midst of a thousand #243 economic and social storms, it seemed #237 that it had lost the brí #250;jula on a personal and collective level, bogged down in fear of not surviving either individually or as humanity.

Does we decide to share stories that accompany usñen en este camino que es la vida. To do this, we chose an editorial #237 line defined by values such as love, conscience and compassion, which in Greek, ó #963;υμπάθεια can be read as “sympathia” because of l@s otr@s's feelings, trying to help them.

With our books we want to connect autor@s, ilustrador@s and lector@s with the social, cultural or environmental projects with which each título collaborates.


Publish books that are reúnen in collections:

  • Narrative fiction #243

  • Narrative non-#243 fiction

  • Poesía Rings of Time

  • Poesía Voces Nuevas

  • Escena (theatre and film)

  • Infantil and juvenile (narrative and theatre)

  • Sothings of the mirror (áillustrated lbumes for first readers)

Eirene Editorial is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • The literary quality of the texts and the human quality of their authors, gathering recognized signatures with novelists.

  • The painstaking work of editing #243 and producing #243, in which the #225 images of the covers stand out, which invite you to immerse yourself in reading.

  • The solidarity commitment of the publisher: for each example sold, the publisher donates one euro to the sponsored project for each título.


The varía según the characteristicsísticas of each título and of whoénes will take care of the editionón.