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Donum Deus
"Singular, Sano, Sostenible..."
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¿Quiénes we are?
Ibex Hunt, SLU, is a company with registered office in Bot (Tarragona) dedicated exclusively to the hunting of the goat montés in the Ports of Tortosa - Beceite since 1990. For an eight-season (2013) we have been considering commercially taking advantage of the meat of animals previously shot down by our customers- hunters. Our goal is to publicize and dignify this gastronómico product so unique, healthy and sustainable
Our product, marketed through #233 our brand DONUM DEUS ®, is characterized by being of proximity (km 0), framed within the philosophyía slow food, 100% natural and green (animals feed in freedom and in the middle of nature, having not been, at any time#250;n, subjected to more than #233;dicos and/or feeding treatments #243;n pre-mortem) and limited (since each season a small #243;nño núpermission group) is authorized by the competent administration.
The dejected animals will always have #225 a mínimo of eight years old, being #241 able to reach up to fourteen. Its meat does not suffer #250;n type of #233;s prior to its consumption. From its nutritional analysis #225 are derived important and special characteristics ísticas (rich in Zinc , Selenium and Vitamin B12, without barely total fat or ásaturated fatty cidos) that make it idónea and highly recommended for a consumer aware of healthy meat and controlísima traceability.

Ally to this, we are also #233 actively collaborating with the research and teaching sector #243, having signed different agreements for this purpose with Cooking Schools and Research Entities #243;n.


Our business consists of the raw sale of meat obtained in the recesses and, also#233;n, that of processed and cured products. Recognized and covered under the seal of the Terres Biosphere Reserve of L'Ebre.

All in excellent traceability, transport and packaging conditions. All our products are served ultra frozen, at a temperature mínima of -18, preserving así all properties and ensuring correct compliance with sanitary regulations. To do this it is essential that the transport is carried out with specialized #237;asses that work with frío negative. As for packaging, the products are packaged to the vacío and taking into account the featuresís;stics and particularities of each of the references.

We bear allá dónde estés.

Our products reach countries such #237 as France, Holland, Germany or Austria, and in general throughout the European territory. The envsíos are made through #233;s of the mínimos orders established in each case, and we place máxima requirement in the fulfillment of deadlines agreed with the customer. We have a range of products designed for hostelería, restoration #243;n idistribution #243;n, reaching restaurants, hotels and shops specialized in healthy, sustainable and gourmet products.


Two. José Luis and Eva, Eva and José Luis: So much riding, riding so much.