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"En Diempi las fronteras y los límites no existen, para nosotros todo está cerca, solo hay que proponerse un objetivo, elegir el camino y empezar a conducir."
Distribución y Venta de todo tipo de productos para el hogar y personal


In 2013 with the development of lencería daring products, giving rise to our first and main brand: Intimax.

With the passage of the años, we have been developing más of 15 own brands: Caramel Nuit, Lips and cherry, Oro de España, Zury, San Ignacio Home etc.. But we have also #233 been making solid collaborations with important companies, which we have helped to expand their products internationally.

They have a large stock available, offering así to our customers the possibility to buy during the 24h and 7 díace of the week.

Somos a very committed company and we have an excellent team of professionals whose objective is to use the máximo effort to maintain the best relationship #243 with its customers and its suppliers.


Fulfilling the purchasing needs of people and companies that buy and sell on the internet.

Develop own brands: Designñwe develop concepts and manufacture our own and exclusive products.

We adapt to other brands: Some brands place their trust in Diempi for all #243 their online distribution.

We adapt to sales channels: We are able to collaborate with flash sales portals, marketplaces, online distributors, páB2B, B2C and Dropshipping pages for third-party #225 pages, etc.

To continue growing as a company it is necessary to have well-defined values, which are:

  • Focus on long-term business development without losing sight of the need to continuously obtain results sólidos.

  • Compre committed to business #225 practices aimed at the continuous improvement of our team.

  • Insevere we try to make a difference in everything we do, thanks to the #243 passion to improve each #237 with discipline, speed and error-#243 free execution.

  • Under #233; it brings value to our customers and suppliers and we focus on providing that value in everything we do.

  • Us continuously challenges us to achieve #225;we meet quality standards in our products and in all our procedures.

  • Continuously we continuously get down and walk towards excellence as a regular way of working, avoiding sudden and sudden #225 changes.

  • Spect the diversity of cultures and traditions. We strive to integrate ourselves into the cultures and traditions of each #237 country in which we are present, while maintaining fidelity to the values and principles of our company.

  • We adapt to customers: In an increasingly demanding #225 market, Diempi works on deliveries más ráorder, returns más fáciles and attention to #243 the customer in less than 24h even if it is sábado or Sunday.

  • We put #237 our #237 log, our information and our human team at your disposal every #225 day #243 to achieve our mission: ó #8220;Make people and companies happy”

  • Who we want to continue growing and we constantly set ourselves new challenges and projects. We are ambitious. The Internet is a tool that has no borders.


30 people.

Gracias to the company's human capitalñía we are able to develop various and essential functions that allow Diempi to be what it is today.

Working together can encompass más and this is what we do. Thanks to the synergies of our team we managed to develop different activities

  • Logística

  • Buys and sales

  • Marketing

  • Informática

  • Diseño gráfico

Alejandro Cervera Cervera

"No volvere a comprar nada"

07 Dec, 2021