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The Ministry of the Interior's Road Safety Strategy envisages the #243 #243 use of light beacons in the event of an emergency #243 replace the current #225 #241.#243

HELP FLASH is a high-quality, autoónoma, compact and lightweight emergency light beacon. Approved in accordance with the Road Safety Regulations in force for V16 with número IDIADA PC 19010265.

FÁCIL USO: Its operation is very simple: autoMÁTICO on and off: as soon as it is positioned with the magnetized base, it is activated. Easy and intuitive operation in stress situations #233 #225.

The beacon emits an intense flash in auto yellow with high intensity LED (65 effective candles) that covers 360º and, thanks to its magnética base, it is held to the surface of the car or other férricas.

USE HELP FLASH – This beacon serves as an emergency #243 #241 in general, but is especially effective in road safety in cases of stop, #237 or accident. With sólo place it on the roof or bionda, achieveá alert immediately about an obstacleáculo on the road, and reduce its level of stress #233 to make decisions. Always carry the equipment at your fingertips, in the glove compartment, or in the suitcase of your motorcycle. Úselo when you need to be seen or located. Always put the equipment before leaving the car, at the highest possible point #225 to be seen from afar, and avoid the dangers of placing #243 the triángulos. Dimensions: 8,5 cms diámeter x 5 cms.

RAPIDITY: Vehículo señalizado and localized in seconds

POTENT: The vehicle #237 becomes visible at 1 km. in conditions of low visilibility


Operation as a beacon: in case of emergency, position #243 on the roof or surface férrica so that the imán is activated and the beacon light #225 is turned on. Colóquelo on the vehículo and call emergencies. #233 It can also be activated manually by turning the base.

Light function: Manually, you can select this function #243 from your HELP FLASH, with white light.


Sp54 Protection #243: WATERPROOF.

Wind Strength 180Pa

Temperature -10ºC up to 50ºC

Color Yellow Auto

Operates with batteries: 1pile 9V (6LR61) - square - incluída (battery stability 36 months - it is recommended to replace the battery every 3 yearsños) - Autonomía: 2.5 hours in emergency mode / 5 hours in flashlight mode.

Visibility + 1 km

Frequency Between 0.8 and 1 Hz

Windows of the HELP FLASH beacon over other señalizaciones:

No need #237 to leave the vehicle for its itulization #243 in case of emergency.

Sa simple and intuitive handling so that it can be used by anyone.

Perfect operation even in adverse #243 meteorological conditions.

En normal visibility situations the beacon can be seen from points over 1km away.

Offerly function.

Apt for any vehicleículo.

Homologated in accordance with Order PC/810/2018 of July 27, and with Instruction #243 18/V-132 of the General Directorate #243 of Tráfico, dated December 21, 2018.

The HELP FLASH device has been certified by the accredited entity IDIADA Automotive Technology, S.A., and is registered with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, with #250 number IDIADA PC 19010265.

Made in Spainña.

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