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R.A. Convention on Editions
"Convenio R.A.: Te vas a enterar de lo que es bueno."
Edición de Libros Interesantes


The therapy (the king's other speech) served me ó to discover that déficit, unemployment, low purchasing power, debt and all that we call problems, are not more than #225 consequency the real problem. We don't have enough income and increasing debt,

No más to see that with más income, problems disappear... and the debt,

Difícilmente holdá a bank with the legs of más taxes, cuts, donations, debt and the backing of outrage#243;n.

In May 2011, the "appearing" #243 of the Revival Convention #243;n Accelerated, R.A. Or CRA Convention with the book's #243;n

Convenio R.A. "Indígnate if you want but leave the scissors and move your ass" was the second literary stone of the R.A. Convention of Editions.


Dar to know the Accelerated Reactivation Convention#243;n, an económico process that allows, reactivate the economicsía and employment, generate a huge amount of non-tax revenue, increase purchasing power and reduce debt. All this without more #225;s taxes, cuts, donations, or debt. At the same time, a fund is created capable of exceeding 5% of GDP. From this página, apart from 5 cts of each euro billed and charged, we will show that we can move from the quant más earn a few más lose another current one, as many as more #225;s earn some, más we all win and less we must.


The team consists of: José Alberto LóPez Amaro, author and head of marketing and R.A. Convention from Monforte de Lemos, Lugo, Emilio Marzabal Aira, editor, orders and logística. From Monforte de Lemos,Serrana Pilar, head of Creative Care Project, Richmond, CA, USA.