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Consuelo Zacarés
"Elaborados con materias primas de máxima pureza procedentes de la agricultura ecológica"
Cosmética Natural de proximidad, para vivir en armonía


When I moved iné to live in Chelva (Valencia) I already carried many toñyou studying natural therapies, natural cosménatural tica and medicinal plants. Once here #237; decideí start making my own fórmulas. That's what it's been #241 like 10 years ago;

I have always looked for what can benefit and balance the emotions of the person. Since you decideí take this path I felt ití as deeply #237;o, a life project, and decideí <3> <7>; follow it. Returné to the simple life of the countryside to enter #243 into connection with nature and take advantage of what gives us día día.

Learning to use it sustainably has been my inspiration#243;n, enseñarlo so that you can enjoy it tú also #233;n, my main objective.

The uni #243&<5>;n of my therapeutic #233 knowledge and craftsmanship have resulted in this project of beauty products in harmonyía with you and with your surroundings.


Consuelo Zacarés Cosmética Natural is a company of elaboration #243 of artisanal products of personal care and cosménatural tica made with Valencian product, 100% natural and ecológico and in its largestía del Alto Turia.

T also #233;n is a company that #243;n for those who want to learn how to make their own elaborations, raise awareness about the sustainable development of the planet, avoid plásticos and tóxicas substances in your environment and advise new rural entrepreneurs on their new projects. It is a living project and what I would like is that it should also be known #233;n abroad, that all ecológicas raw materials come from the environment where I live, the Serranía and help to create other sustainable projects in the area.


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16 Oct, 2020