Consuelo Zacarés Nutritional Facial Serum - Roll-on 30 ml

Consuelo Zacarés

Consuelo Zacarés

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With ecológico oils of Sésamo, Oliva, Grape Pepita, Chía, Onagra and Jojoba. Packed in 30 ml violet glass  roll-on, a type of glass that does not let in light avoiding oxidationón of oils. The roll-on makes its application #243;n effective #225, distributeéndolo through the areas to be treated and then massaged all over the face. It can also be used in the eye contour area #233 as long as it does not approach the pá. This type of packaging doesn't waste any product.

  • This #243 combination of ecológico oils restores skin moisture and promotes cell #243 regeneration thanks to the #243 action of Malvarrosa geranium that prevents wrinkle #243 appearance and has a very important regenerating power. Used regularly (once or twice a día ) reduces the #237;#243;n. Suitable for sensitive skin. For all skin types. It combines sebregulatory oils that make oily skins restore its balance. It is a serum that works very well for very dry, malnourished skin, mature skin is recommended to use it twice at día, mañana before cream and night but at the same time a young skin also #233;n benefits from its useáing it once a día.

  • The packaging can be recovered through #233 a #237;return policy of packaging.

  • Apply with the roll-on in the area to be treated and spread over the #233;s all over the face.

  • Apply once to the día, at night in case of dry and dehydrated skin.

  • The violet glass container prevents rustingón of oils, roll-on prevents loss of a drop.

  • Geranium has many properties, one of them is olfactory, very soothing. Balance and light up your face,

  • 's not perfume,

  • Not tested on animals,

  • Vegan-friendly product.

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