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Chocolate Moro
"Vuelta al origen"
Chocolate de calidad sin conservantes ni saborizantes


Our story begins in Nicaragua, país in which we were residing from 2011 to 2018.

Nicaragua produces a quality cocoa and we became interested in cocoa and the entire production process #243;n by 2016.

In the búsqueda of the elaboration process#243;n we find the movement "bean to bar", from grain to tablet.


Our business consists of making chocolate from cocoa bean to tablet, controlling the entire production process #243;n.

We select high quality cocoa to make our tablets, sówe use cocoa beans, azúcar of caña and cocoa butter. No añaddmos ningún type of preservatives or flavorings. We are looking for a quality chocolate where you can appreciate all the aromas and nuances of cocoa.


Somos two people in this project, Fernando and Ángeles, met in Nicaragua while volunteering.