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Cal Violí
"Todo un mundo en sabores naturales"
Productores de fruta y elaboradores de zumos y mermeladas artesanales


Cal Violí we are a family business that generates #243;n after #243;n we are engaged in agriculture.

Cultivating the land of our ancestors, #225 adapted to the new times, from the cultivation of centuries-old olive trees to fruit plantations, always respecting the environment by tradition by #243;n as we were taught;#241; they loved our ancestors. Watering our lands with water of máxima purity from the Pyrenees by the Aragón canal and Cataloniaña. As a family business, the two brothers Marcel and Ángel control all the production processes #243;n, from the planting of #243;n of the árboles to the #243 collection of the fruit at its point ó#243;n.

We combine the production #243;n with the manufactureón and #243 distribution of own fruit to central markets which allows us to reach the fruit to the consumer with the mínot even space of time preserving así all its flavor.

From año 2004 we are dedicated to the #243 elaboration of 100% natural artisan jams and fruit juices made in our own worker with máxima quality fruits from our own farm #243;n.

The jams are #225;n made with 70% fruit and affúpremium meat, without preservatives or dyes.

The juices are obtained from the pressing in frí or fresh fruit from the farm itself #243;n without adición of azúcar nor water are 100% fruit, using about 2 kilos of fruit per liter of juice. Through the pasteurización of the product, we manage to make our juices are #233;n free of preservatives and dyes respecting as #237; all the flavor and color that makes them different from all those you have been able to taste.

In Cal Violí Marcel y Ángel we are proud to offer you products of máxima quality, made craftsman #243ship that return the forgotten flavors of antañor, always with the máximos quality controls and guaranteed traceability.

In your hands you are #225; the choice #243 enjoy them... Thank you in advance.


En Cal Violí we are producers of fruit and artisanal juices and jam makers with all the necessary health records and 15 añyou of experience in the sector, offering products of máxima quality at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to reach the máximo númere customers with the satisfaction #243 of the work well done, making known to everyone a way to produce proximity products respectful to the environment and with all the taste and quality.


We are two people at the head of this project: Marcel Baró and Ángel Baró.

xulie sanchez

"Muy bueno"

26 Apr, 2020

En Cal Violí nos alegra que le haya gustado nuestra mermelada , desde 2004 intentamos ofrecer el producto mas natural y artesano con unos sabores tradicionales. gracias de todo corazon.

Cal Violí 26 May, 2020
Angeles Jimenez Santamaria

"Ha llegado muy rápido"

Ninguna duda, el pedido ha llegado perfecto. Sin duda volveré a pedir a este productor.

01 Jun, 2020

Desde Cal Violí , agradecemos su valoración y nos llena de satisfacción que le haya gustado , todas nuestras mermeladas estan elaboradas artesanalmente con fruta propia .
<br>Gracias de todo corazon.

Cal Violí 06 Jun, 2020
Angeles Jimenez Santamaria

"Muy buena"

18 Aug, 2020
Rubén Torrecilla Esteban

"Sin problemas"

Rápido y correcto.

21 Feb, 2021
Fernando Fernández Velasco
14 Aug, 2021