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Bataller Wineries
"Elaboradores de vinos ``vinos autenticos reflejo de nuestra tierra´´"
Elaboración de Vinos


Bodegas Bataller S.A. founded in 1941 is a family business. Currently it is #225; run by the 3ª generation #243;n We are located at the southern end of the province of Valencia in the region of the Vall d´Albaida area that belongs to the D.O. Valencia. The grapes collected for the production #243;n of our wines come from the farmers in the area. We produce white, rosé and red wines with great personality and rich in nuances that provide the lands of our surroundings. Our wines combine traditional #243;n with the most advanced technology #233 techniques in order to obtain high quality bottled wine.


In our 75-#241-story má. We have been adapting at all times to the market and the changing needs of our customers. The quality of the wines we produce and the vocation #243;n of service to our customers are the pillars of our work.


3ª #243;n generated by Santiago, Alejandro and Hector. A multidisciplinary team of 4 people participating in the same illusión and commitment is joined.