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""Recolectar y Servir: Máxima Frescura""
Cultivo Ecólogico de Arándanos

We are a small #241 family business that was born at the end of 2013 dedicated to the ecológico cultivation of arándanos. We were born with a commitment to bet on the quality of our fruits and to contribute, with our grain of sand, to preserve the environment.

Our farm is located in the heart of #243;n del Goierri, in Erandio, so sólo 10 km from Bilbao. An idílico environment surrounded by oaks, pines, maples and the Cantábrico sea in the background, where various varieties of ará grow

We are proud to have achieved a fruit with an extraordinary taste, color and texture that is highly appreciated by our customers. In addition#225;s, its properties make it the so-called "Superfruta" since its altísima concentración in antioxidants is very beneficial to health.

Consumr aráfresh, jam or juice is always a rich and healthy proposition.


With a lot of work and care, we have created throughout these añyou a planting #243 of arándanos of different varieties, starting with #241 small plants to be able to así control from the beginning their growth and development.

In our determined commitment to ecológico and sustainable cultivation, we control every detail to produce a totally healthy fruit, without fertilizers that #237; mycos or pesticides: sólo fertilizers with natural fertilizers.

This allows us to have a #243;n production that runs from July to the beginning of November: 5 months in which we can pride ourselves on serving an extremely fresh and quality product.


We do not store the fruit in cáfrigoríficas during días and días but we collect the arándanos and serve them immediately. That's why we guarantee that our fruits reach the customer in óptima conditions of freshness and flavor. And so our ecológico ará have amplídemand among consumers, having #233 become a star-product


We are a family business, where each of its members puts the best of sí itself to achieve a fruit of extraordinary quality and 100% ecológico.

  • Front of the team, Jorge and Ana
  • And working elbow-side Marisa, Txema and Ana.
Marta De Frutos Cuevas
05 Feb, 2021