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Ashes to Life
"Cosméticos Ecológicos de Ceniza que ayudan a restaurar bosques que han sufrido incendios. #CuidaTuPielYlaDelPlaneta"
Elaboración de productos cosméticos ecológicos a partir de ceniza


Ashes To Life ( was born in 2016 to respond to a global problem such as wildfires.

SirviéR&D&I,ings, and recovering the histórich process of #243;n of the jabón that refers to ancient cultures such as Babilónica, Egyptian, Greek, Roman... we have managed to transform ash into cosmé soaps; ecológicos and accessories, whose sale helps finance our research project #243;n environmental ASHES TO LIFE Project that aims to restore #243 these burned forests. As #237; we will be able to create life, again, from the ashes.

All our products cosméecológicos están certified by BioInspecta under the BioVidaSana standard in its máxima categoría as 'Product CosméEcológico I', which ensures the traceability and sustainability of all the ingredients used and the respect of the products for health and the environment.

For its elaboration #243;n, we use the méall traditional saponificationón in frío, In this way, vegetable oils are not subjected to high temperatures at any time in #250; allowing the cosméecológicos to maintain all their vitamins and antioxidant power, in addition to #225 preserving the glycerin generated during the process. This makes our ash soaps moisturizing, nourishing and moisturizing for the skin, unlike those manufactured by hot saponificationón (above 200ºC) that completely nullify any kind of skin benefit.


In Ashes To Life we transform ash into various ecológico products that help finance the restoration of the restorationón ecológica of forests that have suffered fires #233 through the Research project #243 ASHES TO LIFE Project (

Our intention #243s are to go moreás allá and develop new products cosméticos, personal hygiene, doméstica and industrial products made with ash through Rés;


Currently Ashes To Life is #225; formed by a team of four outstanding professionals in their different fields of knowledge, committed to social and environmental projects. Very diverse profiles that make up an open multidisciplinary and experienced team.

During the process of creating #243;n and development we have had the support and advice of loyal exponents of the economía circular and recognized professionals who have contributed their extensive experience in entrepreneurship, development and research #243;n in social and environmental projects.

30 Jun, 2020
Olivier Sepulchre
31 Jan, 2021
Pedro Antonio López Ruiz

"Toda una experiencia positiva"

El pedido me ha llegado dentro del tiempo previsto y con su embalaje protector y packaging impecable y visualmente muy atractivo en lo que a forma y diseño se refiere. La tarjeta informativa va en la línea de todo el producto de usar productos reciclados y sostenibles. Muy satisfecho.

08 Mar, 2021