Ashes to Life Essential Box

Ashes to Life

Ashes to Life

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Essential Box

Box containing a 100 g moisturizing ash jabó pill + an ash countertop and resin acríminerallica soap box “ANAHO”.

br />Properties

Jabón moisturizing ash

Jabón of 100 g made with karit butter é, ecol vegetable oils óolive and coconut gicos with high percentage of antioxidants (vitamin E) and vitamins B3,B5, B6. The coconut cácoconut scara ash contained in this pill provides a purifying and detoxifying effect, which benefits the skin with all its mineral properties. This unique blend makes this moisturizing jabón with soothing, elastizing, antioxidant, emollient and regenerating properties.
Sweet orange essential oils, geranium and lavandín, in balanced proportions#243;n, give the jabón cutáneo, anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing while preventing and #250;a estrías and wrinkles.
This jabón ecológico está certified by Bio.inspecta under the BioVidaSana standard. It is vegan and has not been tested on animals. Its entire process of elaboration #243;n has been carried out by hand in a laboratory of cosméecológica to be subsequently wrapped and labeled by hand.

Jabonera of ash and resin acrímineral lica "Anaho"

Rectangular soap of 11 x 8.5 x 1.5 cm designedñada to ensure that soaps are kept in óptimas conditions and keep their properties intact after use, facilitating drainage and allowing air to flow around the jabón. Its elegant designño de líneas simple makes this accessory able to integrate into the environment of any baño. It has been made with ash and acrímineral lica (natural mineral blend powder and líquido acrípure water-based lico).
The face #237;stica of this bañor resides in the armonía between its form and the sustainable materials used in its elaboration #243;n. Éstos, have been carefully selected to combine resistance, durability, lightness, safety, #237;a and style. The mixture of ash and resin acrímineral lica of its composición contains no solvents or compounds orgánicos volátiles (VOC), achieving that this accessory of bañis environmentally friendly.
These soaps show a smooth and matte stone effect finish in two color endings: Ash Grey and Mineral Grey. They have been handcrafted so they have slight surface irregularities and make each piece única.
Weight: 140/150 g


Jabón moisturizing
br />This jabón est #225; suitable for all skin types, being very suitable for more ás sensitive and reactive skin. Its use is suitable for daily facial hygiene, was able toé#233;n use in body hygiene.
As in all careful facial treatment, avoid direct contact with the eye contour.
For your application, #243 wet your hands with water and rub the jab pill#243; Apply the creaminess produced to your skin and then lighten with plenty of water.

Jabonera "Anaho"

To remove the traces of jabón and preserve its durability and initial appearance, it is advisable to use water and ecológicos cleaning baño. Rub the soapbox using the softness part. Then let it air dry.
However, due to the porosity of the material, the soapbox may have slight shadows after contact with soaps.


Jabón moisturizer
Olea europaea fruit oil*, Aqua, Cocos nucifera oil*, Butyrospermum parkii butter*, Sodium hydroxide, Citrus sinensis peel oil expressed, Lavandula hybrida oil*, Carbon black, Pelargonium graveolens oil, Limonene**, Linalool**, Citral**, Geraniol**, Citronellol**. 98.09% ECOLÓGICOS INGREDIENTS* Ecol ingredientócertified gico
** Natural component present in essential oils

Jabonera "Anaho"
Certified ash from controlled pruning of sustainable forests; Resin acrímineral lica / polyméwater-based rich; Ecol waterproofingó100% environmentally compatible therapy that it only possesses in its composición hydroógeno, oxígeno and calcium (elements of greater abundance in nature and that none of which present any toxicity to humans or the environment).


This jabón ecológico está certified by Bio.inspecta under the bioVidaSana standard. It is vegan and has not been tested on animals. It has been handcrafted in a laboratory of cosmética ecológica to be subsequently wrapped and labeled by hand.

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