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Lutiz Vinos
"Embotellamos experiencias"
Conocimiento y experiencia en el mundo del vino

The history of our winery has been going from generation #243;n to #243;n in our family. We currently work three generations together, bringing a series of different wisdomí, experience and ideas. Gradually we have been expanding, currently we have a variety of 7 different wines in our winery. They are all created from our grapes 100% viñedo own.

We carry out manual harvesting and all fermentation processes #243;n are carefully controlled. Our Maceración Carbónica wine is made following the traditionón by introducing the grapes, fermenting the grapes and making the treading of grapes manually. The whole process is carried out by family members. We believe that every type of wine is for each person to come and find yours. Our idea is to keep growing but never leave our values atrás.


Our business is #225; based on several pillars within which we are dedicated to the care of our #241;as and #243; our wines. We also have #233;n with the wine tourism part in which we have a rural house and develop several experiences related to the world of wine. Our winery is open to all público that you want to meet us, offering different experiences. We love to #237;to be able to get our products to all the público possible, dágetting to know each other and being able to get to each house and enjoy a good wine at a fair price.
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Currently the team is #225; made up of different people from the family. All with knowledge and experience in the world of wine. Three different generations we work hand-in-hand to get our best wines,