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"Absorvalia, y que nada te detenga"
Desde compresas femeninas textiles reutilizables hasta bañadores especiales para natación

The project was born 4 #241 years ago; A family, with two #241 children, transfers the problem to us: the pañswimming #243 students are for babies and their children, from 8 and 10 años, can no longer use them; and as a result, you can no longer make use of the pool as they have a fecal incontinence problem. Under this premise, and working together with them, we designedñ we designed and made our #241;adores.

Our bañadores, we currently board from jóvenes to adults, are #225;n designed to perform the same function #243 as the pañales químicos (retain the stool of the person) with the advantage that these are reusable and less polluting.


In Absorvalia, we work on the designño and manufactureón products created and designed for incontinence cases. We make reusable textiles from women's compresses to #241 special swimming boxes;#243;

Our phytotra, has no límite. From Absorvalia, we want to reach all people who, for one reason, #243;n or another, require some of the #250;méall withholding #243; stool. Because everyone deserves to be able to enjoy the water without any worries;#243;n.


Currently, Absorvalia is composed by a person. Jordi Feliu, is A Técnico Textil Engineer with a long experience in the textile industry.