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Techn women's CAT fabric compresses are cófashions, prácticas, económicas and environmentally friendly.

Son cófashions porqué fit perfectly to the body as if they were a piece of clothing íntima, prácticas porqué they cling to the panty by means of fáciles to remove and put, económicas porqué you can clean fácilmente at home and have a long útil y, ecológicas, porqué at the end of this life útil can be recycled.

The CAT women's compress consists of several layers of fabric:

Reach comfort: made natural fiber fabric (algodón) to avoid irritations and allergies, since it is the part that is in contact with the skin.
Enter absorbent layer: composed of different layers secún the use and need for absorption #243;n required (algodón).
Proof and breathable layer: made with a laminated fabric (algodón with PUL) that prevents the flow outwards but allows #243 the perspiration of the skin.

Fittable thanks to the press-lock buttons #243;n.

Available in different sizes and colors. In the pictures of the fabrics you can see the name of  each one (putting the cursor over the image); The smooth colors belong to plush fabrics and the prints are hairless fabrics. In the notes space podéis decrypt qué colors you want at the end of the purchase.

In packs3 you can combine colors.

Smooth colors (algodón plush): orange, turquoise, green, gray, pink

Dened colours (#243;n hairless): green poms, taronja pomes, cassettes, mussols, jardí

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