Aribayos Abbey
"La calidad de nuestros campos en tu copa"
Artesanos del vino y la cerveza

C/ Aribayos, 32-BIS 49150 Moraleja del Vino Zamora


We start at años 2003 making wine in the area of Aribes del Duero (Zamora). In the añ or 2013 we increased to the production #243;n of craft beers in Moraleja del Vino (Zamora). We currently brew craft beers and wines from the D.O. Toro.

Our idea is to produce special products of small #241 products of small productions, where the quality and originality of wines and beers prevails.


Our business consists of making the province of Zamora known #233 through its wines and craft beers.


We are two people in the company, two inólogos looking for innovationón and quality.


14 May, 2020