Mushroom season

Salir una mañana al bosque a buscar níscalos, boletus, champiñones o robozuelos es una afición in crescendo for many reasons. It is suitable for all ages, you can enjoy the outdoors and, on top of that, what is collected allows you to make delicious culinary recipes. ¿Cuál is the básico team to start with? In questionón of clothing will be neededía the same as for an excursionón to the forest: clothes cófashionable and warm (but without overwhelming) that facilitates freedom of movement, baggy pants, a neck or scarf of wool that protects us from the frío, a suitable footwear and someún raincoat or waterproof cap in case it starts to rain.

When it comes to getting down to work there are two essential elements: the basket and the knife. As for the first, the container can be wicker or canvas although there are already cófashion backpacks to carry on the back and that do not chafan the precious botín. As for the latter, there are specific tools for this purpose, and among its characteristicsísticas isá having a curved blade and a second toothed edge to clean the foot of the mushroom well. 

Tips to consider:

  • Before starting to go out to the countryside to look for mushrooms it is highly recommended to go to a specialized association or micológico center to do a course or participate in an informative day.
  • If you discover an impressive piece but you are not sure of its toxicity, the common sense recommends leaving it where it isá.
  • Be respect for the ecosystem of the various áreas geográficas is essential so, if you plan to collect mushrooms in solitude, it is best to ask for permission in the offices of the different Autonomous Communities &# 243;nomas since límites are established in the número of kilos collected per person at the día.