Valhalla Hidromiel Classical Hydromiel - 12x33 cl

Valhalla Hidromiel


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Hidromiel Clásica. Inspired by the mead drunk in antiquityüage by great characters like Julio César. Straw yellow with golden, clean and bright flashes,

  • The mead, a fermented drink made with honey and water, is quizás one of the most ancient #225, pre-wine and probably a precursor to beer.
  • Beomes of ripe white and bone fruits, even tropical ones that are repeated in retro-olfaction along with bark árbol.
  • In the mouth is semi-dry, good finish and long aftertaste with subtle memories of honey. Wine lovers can #225 enjoy sensations that remind them of #225 their favorite whites. Ideal to spend a day of tapas.
  • Our use was widespread among the peoples of antiquityüage. In Europe it was consumed abundantly by the Greeks, Celts, Saxons and the bánorthern raros. The Greeks gave it the name melikraton and the Latinos called it mullsum water.
  • Según Pliny, the first recipe for the manufacture #243;n of the mead was given by Aristeo, King of Arcadia. Columella, Latin writer at the beginning of our era, mentions in his work De re rustica numerous formulations used by the Romans.
  • Ja of 12 bottles of 33 cl of clásica.
  • Alcohol: 11% vol.

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