Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Bottle 500 ml

Tierras del Yeguas

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  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil of categoría superiror obtained directly from olives of the picual variety from olive trees located in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Cardeña and Montoro (Córdoba) and only by means of mecánico procedures, early harvest and extraction #243;n in frío. This OVE is characterized by  an intense and high fruity green and ripe olive. Wide on the nose, with an intense aroma of olive leaf, ripe tomato, banana and almond. This single variety “marsña” has a very soft and clean entry into the mouth, with a balanced bitterness and itching. It has a pleasant persistence. Ideal for raw consumption for seasoning, toast, cheese and cold cuts. Not the é rgenos. Non-gluten.
  • Your composición is #225; consisting of an energy value #233 of 3177kj/900kcal, 100g fats of which saturated 13g, monounsaturated 79g, polyunsaturated 8g; carbohydrates 0g, azúcares 0g, protectionínas 0g, salt 0g, vitamin E 30mg, vitamin A 300 µg. The materials are #225;n composed of a bottle of ceráfood mica. The weight of each bottle is approximately 500 gy the dimensions are 30 cm high and 10 cm base. The expiration date is for 31/12/2020. Preserve heat and light and store in a cool, dry place. Packaging by Rosán S.L. RSI:16.025.041/CO. This product was produced in October 2019, collected the olives on the farm located in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Cardeña and Montoro and ground these in Aceites Rosán S.L. (Montoro, Córdoba). Extracted olive oil excluded by mecánicos procedures in fríor from olives collected in early #243 ripening (winter).

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