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Yeguas Lands
"El sabor de la tierra"
Aceite de la Tierra


Lands del Yeguas AOVE was born in Sierra Morena, in the heart of #243;n of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Cardeña and Montoro, in the place known as El Charco del Novillo in the valley of the Río Yeguas (Córdoba, Andalucía), where we own a small #241 estate of 400 olive trees. We are a humble family of olive growers who have grown up in the countryside, among olive trees, and who chose 2019 to start this project that we have all cared for with cariño e ilusión transmitting this emotion #243;n to many other people.

Reachable principles govern our project:

1. Respect for the environment and environmental sustainability.

For us the olive grove must be and is an agroecosystem full of life that houses a great diversity of animal and plant species that deserve to be preserved. Our agricultural #225;agrícolas are biodiversity-friendly and no phytosanitary products are applied.

2. Commitment to the territory.

Lands of the Yeguas is not #243;it is extra virgin olive oil, but also #233;n tells the story of a territory. A story of life over the generations built by nature by the hand of man. It is the history of the red earth that encompasses the bañada region by the río Yeguas.

3. The búsqueda of excellence in the quality of our AOVE.

We make an early extraction #243(mid-October) looking for the time ó#243;n of the fruit. The extraction of our oil is #243;n in frío and is extraído the same día that olives are collected.


Land of the Yeguas AOVE is a project that we started familiarly in 2019 with a lot of illusión and cariño and where we have worked and worked very hard to obtain a supreme quality olive oil for consumers. This AOVE comes from the Natural Park of the Sierra de Cardeña and Montoro (Sierra Morena) and we have called it Tierras del Yeguas because it represents all that land, to all that region that is located around the rí or Yeguas, which is where our little one is locatedñ or olive grove of only 400 centenary olive trees. The olive variety that we grow is called Marsña, which is cómo the cordobes we call the olives of the picual variety. The olives were collected in October, collecting early and flying #243, in the moonlight, as they have been caught in the early morning. The AOVE we have obtained has been filtered with a filter of 10 microns, which has given it a creamy texture that mesmerizes, some consumers who have already tried this AOVE have highlighted that of our AOVE, the texture that presents that it is not as líquida as other oils that when they fall give the senseón of the caída of the water. With an intense and high fruity green and ripe olive, our AOVE is broad on the nose, with an intense aroma of olive leaf, ripe tomato, banana and almond. It has a very soft and clean entry into the mouth, with a balanced bitterness and itching. We present it in a bottle of cerámica which is where the oil has been stored all life (formerly the oils were stored in pots of cerámica, already #237;an the Romans, the Greeks, etc.) and it is what we wanted to maintain, in addition to #225 betting on the craftsman, since they are #225 handmade by a potter of Arjonilla (Jaén). The bottle is a tribute to the environment, on the one hand, on the one hand, we wanted to represent the coppery red color because it represents the red color of the ferrous clay that allí we find. On the other hand, we have represented the fauna that we can find in the territory, from the rabilargo, the vulture, the áimperial guila, to the lynx, the gamo or the wolf.

This project is very important to me, and I like to likeíto come to market all the oil that we produce, not only because I want to value the territory, its environmental value, its fauna, its flora and our culture, but because I want to live in my village and as a young rural woman that I am is a project that makes that I do not have to emigrate to the big cities and leave their people, where I have been born and raised, like so many other jó have had to do. This gives me the opportunity to remain linked to this land and to be able to live in it with dignity,


My name is Maria del Carmen Serrano, a woman and young farmer of 25 to 25 toñyou and mother of a 7-month-old baby. Since September 2019 I have managed the family farm, but I do not do everything alone, since in addition to #225 me;s;s; I have a team of 3 people, my husband, Antonio, who helps me all that can, especially with the logística and marketing, and my parents Maria and Antonio, who are #225;n on the farm helpingándondondo with the daily tasks of the farm.