Señoríos de Relleu Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Pack - 3 x 500 ml Soft, medium and intense taste

Señoríos de Relleu

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Autóctonas varieties offer their own style characterized by an excellent fragrance, fresh fruity flavor of recién cut herb, along with a balance, stability and total #237 harmony that allow complex pairings.

For the purpose of preserving the Máximo the excellent characteristics ínutritional and organoléOVE ethics, we have decided to innovate by incorporating an aluminum bottle that totally protects from direct light, is unbreakable, light, durable, recyclable and cófashion to use.

My name is Medium and together with my brother Intense and my sister Delicate we formed a small #241;a and special family of oils.

From the olive trees that saw us born on the banks of the Mediterráneo to our special bottling in aluminum, we have received all kinds of care and pampering so that, harvest after harvest, we express the strength and richness of our origin.

As all the brothers have common #237 and also #233; in peculiarities that make us ú nicos. Así, our home, between the sea and the mountainsñas, this is #225, in our very essence, but the different blends made with the varieties of autóctonas olives have resulted in three distinct personalities covering the entire range of gastronómica.

My brother Intense, rich in antioxidants, has an aromatic fruity ático and with a lot of carácter, carefully balanced with itching and bitterness to make él a temperamental oil full of nuances.

Delicate, my younger sister, is however more and #225;s fresh and delicate in its fruity, with aromatic herb hue #225s; our #241;as. There is much of the luminosity and softness of the Mediterráneo.

And by úitimo, Medium, flagship head of our mill, spicy at the bottom of the palate and able to combine the best of my brothers, I combine well with both allowing a lot of pairings to which I bring balance and armonía.

Somos, therefore, a family that has been born and matured in these Levantine lands, among pine forests, almond trees, rosemary and heather, to offer the world a variety of intensities and fragrances capable of enriching and filling with emoción its cuisine.

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