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Champions and players in the Rift... The mission is to destroy the enemy Nexus with this exclusive and limited edition LOL seal.

League of Legends is a world-class, world-class eSport, followed by millions of players worldwide since 2011. The MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) created by Riot Games is a mass phenomenon, of which there are more than 800 professional players who compete in different teams, with leagues worldwide.

The LOL seal is launched at the National Youth Philately Exhibition, Juvenia'21, which is held every two years and takes place in different cities. In 2021, it will be between November 9 and 13, in Oviedo.


Nidalee: Expert in ambushes or gankeos to kill other champions, with traps to catch them and attacks in the form of blows, to defend their territory. She is a master tracker who can transform into a fierce cougar whenever she wants. He grew up in the jungle, and is able to paralyze his prey and attack them in his feline form.

Orianna: She was a flesh-and-blood child, but after falling ill from an accident in Zaun, her body was badly damaged and had to be replaced by gears and nuts almost entirely. She is now a mechanical maiden, a technological marvel who is dedicated to exploring the landscapes of Piltover and beyond.

Aatrox: In his day he was a defender of Shurima against the Void, but he ended up becoming a threat to Runeterra and was defeated, along with his brothers, by means of deadly witchcraft. After centuries locked up, Aatrox managed to escape and now, in a body that is not his own, he wanders through Runeterra in search of revenge.


Product Philately Correos

Printing carried out with Offset procedure on coated, gummed, phosphorescent support

Stamp size: 54.4 x 81.13 mm (vertical format)

Bullet size: 10 x 81, 13 mm (vertical format)

Mini-rack size: 162.8 x 162.8 mm (vertical format)

Format: Mini-rack consisting of 6 stamps + 6 vignettes

Postal value of each stamp: 1,60 €

Publication Date: November 9, 2021

Circulation: 125,000 mini-racks (750,000 stamps)

Design: League of Legends

Product exempt from VAT.


How many stamps are in this mini-list?

This mini-tender has 6 stamps with a postal value of € 1.6 each.


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