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A very special stamp, dedicated to the Spanish deck of cards. With the image of four of the classic cards of Heraclius Fournier. A perfect move!

This 2020 issue, within the series of "Leisure and hobbies", stands out for its originality, being a sheet formed by a stamp and three vignettes. It pays homage to the classic deck of cards, with the four main cards, each of a different suit: the sword cass, the cup cababllo, the king of wands and the ace of golds. It has a value of € 3.8.

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Product Philately Correos

Publication Date: June 11, 2020

Printing friction: Offset, die-cutting and riveting.

Material: Coated, gummed, phosphorescent

Seal size: 40.9 x 57.6 mm

Postal value of the stamp: 3.80€

Circulation: 140,000 copies

Product exempt from VAT.


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