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A seal dedicated to the Food Bank of Spain and the thousands of volunteers who make it possible.

This issue belongs to the Civic Values series. The FESBAL or Spanish Federation of Food Banks of Spain coordinates the 54 Food Banks of our country, which were decorated with the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord in 2012.

Food banks play a key role in distributing food to the most disadvantaged people. In this way, surpluses are put to good use in good conditions for consumption, favoring the environment, and above all, people with difficulties are helped to obtain these basic necessities. This is possible thanks to volunteers who, altruistically, dedicate time and effort to help others.

The stamp shows an illustration with a bird that feeds two others, in allusion to the commendable work carried out by this organization. It has a value of € 1.9 and is sold in a pack of 5 units.


Product Philately Correos

Publication Date: April 2, 2021

Printing Procedure: Offset.

Paper: Phosphorescent adhesive

Seal size: 24.5 x 35 mm (vertical)

Postal value of each stamp: 1.9€; sold in pack of 5

Circulation: 210,000 copies

Product exempt from VAT.


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