Seal 50th anniversary man to the moon (block sheet)

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The seal commemorating the 50th anniversary of man's arrival on the moon. A block sheet in triptych format, cold foil and with augmented reality!


A very special broadcast with triptych format, which closed shows us two sections of the Moon and an antenna that frame the seal. On the stamp appears an illustration in chalcography by Edwin Aldrin on the lunar surface, with the Earth in the background. When we open the leaf we find the Eagle lunar module and a flight control post that pay tribute, not only to those who were on the Moon, but to all the human team that made it possible, also from Earth, without forgetting to highlight the Spanish contribution.

The triptych has a cold foil effect to give a metallic appearance, just like the costumes and materials used in space expeditions. In addition, this broadcast includes Augmented Reality (AR)


Product Philately Correos

Format: Block Sheet

Printing: Offset with gummed paper

Seal size: 39.7 x 59.7 mm

Block sheet size: folded: 150 x 104.5 mm and unfolded: 250.34 x 104.5 mm

Publication Date: June 13, 2019

Block run: 160,000

Product exempt from VAT.


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