Pack 5 small padded sachets

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Pack of 5 padded sachets of 220x265mm, of ecological paper kraft brown color. With closure system with self-adhesive flap, safety and non-removable.

Padded interior with plastic bubbles of 12,000 bubbles/m2. approx.


Correos Product. Forests Line.

Material: Kraft ecological paper.  

Size: 220x265 mm inside, 240x275 mm. outside.

Color: Brown.

Unit price: 0.9€/envelope.

VAT included: 21%

What is a padded envelope for?

The padded envelope has an internal protection system with air bubbles that makes it perfect for protecting your shipments from small and fragile objects.

What is the Post Office Forests Line?

It is the line of envelopes and ecological boxes of Correos. It consists of different recyclable packaging, made with environmentally friendly materials.

For each purchase of these boxes or envelopes, we collaborate with WWF Spain in reforestation projects, and also with other associations that carry out projects for fire prevention, preservation of biodiversity and fight against climate change, allocating € 0.05 for each unit sold.

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