Mabelcuero Taller Artesano Folding field stool. Leather seat and wooden legs.

Mabelcuero Taller Artesano

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  • Field, hunting stool or trífolding pruning for the mountain.
  • In every place they call it in a way and the truth is that it is very #243;way of carrying, thanks to a shoulder bag that has built-in.
  • It does not take up space at home or in the car when it is #225; closed and be able to sit when you #225;ndo and dówhere you need it, it is a marvel.
  • The seat is #225; made with several layers of leather and with reinforcements to hold the weight well and its 3 legs are made of wood.
  • Aquí in our shop, #233 they also take it as an auxiliary seat in case unexpected visitors arrive, to fit and barefoot as the posture facilitates the better reaching of the ground, for decoration#243;n in rústicy environments and even as a banqueta or armchair for yoga for having natural materials and allowing to cross the legs simulating the posture of meditationón avoiding pains and facilitating sitting and getting up.
  • 40 cm open and 55 cm closed.

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