Mabelcuero Taller Artesano Jordan briefcase

Mabelcuero Taller Artesano

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  • A maletín made entirely of leather. The main lid has buckles that are #233;ethically they look very nice although it really opens with two buttons hidden under those buckles.
  • White the lid we find a medium pocket to carry the móvile, a bowlígraphs, cards and things as #237;. At the back he has a zipper with a large pocket,
  • And the maletín has the main space ready to carry a computer and some folder. Also #233;n features a detachable handle and shoulder bag.
  • * If we have stock, at 24-48 h. ** If we do not have stock, manufacturing time #243;n and delivery in 15 días.
  • 38 x 26 x 9 cm.

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