Mabelcuero Taller Artesano Paris Velvet Bag

Mabelcuero Taller Artesano

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  • Sek baseball, with which you feelás special when wearing it. It is soft velvet and with beautiful colors easy to combine.
  • Bring a fine gold chain to be able to carry it from the arm combined with the closure and demás accessories metálicos.
  • This lined in a very strong #243 cotton fabric and has a fantastic #225 capacity to carry everything we need to have at hand.
  • Our shoulder bag has two positions, one to carry the velvet bag hanging under the arm and another más long to be able to carry it at hip height. Therefore, depending on the ocasión you #225 can carry the velvet bag on your arm, shoulder or hip. Now sóyou have to choose the color you #225 like the color you like and best match with tú style.

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