Manual Almond Split Machine (Model LD 2021)



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Máquina split almonds manual and groundbreaking cáscara for nuts.

It is metásteel sheet.

Resaled run for longer #243;n.

Lacquered height, much más durable and clean.

Maoth input surface with better fit. Allowing entry from nuts and adjustment to pistachios. Ideal for starting almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and nuts from cáhard scara. Fácil and económica.

The hook to the work bench (not included with the machine) is done in the upper area. Allowing greater comfort for your #243;n.

Máquina split almonds manually with a crank. It also #233 very strong coupling to be able to adapt a professional screwdriver. We recommend screwdriver and non-drill since it has a #243;n adjustment of the tightening torque.

Important for does not giveñar the coupling head or to prevent the axis from turning at más account speed. In this way the function #243;n of engine will be developed #225; safely.

This máquina split manual almonds sóit splits nuts. It doesn't separate, classify, or clean. Pipe breakage varía secún the type of fruit you have. It is adjustable to its diámeter and is á manufactured in España.Máquinas manufactured entirely in España.

Also also #233;n are for private use.

It is án made to conscience, as it is done #237;an before. To last años and años of intense work.

Manufactured by expert blacksmiths.

Products designedñados to fit into the work of the smallño producer.

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