ISSIM Derma Booster 3 Hyarulonic Acid



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ORGAS RED AND HYALURONICO Moisturizing, Repairing and Anti-Aging since the first application #243;n. The áhyalur acidónico concentrated with quíntuple effect moisturizes ráorderly in all layers of the skin.
ActivePrinciples: ÁHialurónico de Algas Rojas.

Properties: The áhyalurónico of our DERMA BOOSTER number 3, is obtained from furcellaria lumbrilicalis red algae, that stimulate the síntesis of áhyalur acidónico, being one of the powerful and effective ácidos hialurónicos más of the current cosmética.

Thank to its hygroscópicas properties that capture moléwater sheets like a sponge, increasing the hydration level #243;n of the skin. Provides deep #243 and hydration #243 nutrition. Allowing to restore the skin and improving the signs of aging. The skin regains elasticity and firmness

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