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The lion-headed mailbox, the most iconic of Correos, now in the form of a magnet. Take it with you to keep your cards well!

Until 1762 there were no mailboxes in Spain to deposit the letters, but they were delivered by hand to the person in charge of the mail. That year, an official provision established to open: "hole or fence, in all the Hijuelas or Veredas, where the cards are thrown, without being able to be received in hand." Since then, and over the years, the mailboxes of Correos have varied their shapes, decorative motifs and materials used in their manufacture. The most represented element was the lion's head, as a symbol of courage and bizarreness, and animal that best keeps the correspondence deposited in it.


Correos Product. Characteristics:

Material: with the original carved by hand, its reproduction is made by melting at low melt (400ºC) in Zamak (zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper alloy) with a bronze bath. In its back it has a powerful neodymium magnet of great adhesion.

Measures: 55x57mm

Packing: sealed in plastic bag.

VAT: 21%.

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