Hechizo de Plata Bracelet with 3 children's name for mom

Hechizo de Plata

Hechizo de Plata

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Cord pressón made of high quality, durable and water-resistant 100% Naylon yarn.
It is accompaniedñ <1> <2>;a with 3 medallite pendants with star drill. Which allows you to include the name of two children or grandchildren.

Include the names you want to record in the order notes. With an máximo of 7 characters for each name. As many más characters, más smallñto beá the letter.

Tamaño adjustable with sliding cordón. Choose the sizeño from the #241;eca.

Choose the color of the bracelet among which we propose

On Silver Spell bracelets, they are cheerful and durable. You're tú who #233;n makes them special. The result is a única and exclusive bracelet. ¿Do you want a gift that surprises?, do not miss this original bracelet.

It is perfect for making gifts for friends, to give ánimos, to wish for luck, to make a birthday giftños. Surely you get the custom bracelet right, a very nice way to show you the cariñor that you feel towards the other person.

Handmade bracelets in España. They are made on demand. Each bracelet is made to order and handcrafted for you, according toún what you ask us.

Once the engraving is done #243;n, returns are not allowed for this reason.

*Request the customization #243 of your product via emailés #160;.com" target-"_self" rel-"noopener">market@correos.com , and we will contact the seller to communicateárse it.

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