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Silver Spell
"Regalos hechos con el corazón"
Joyería en Plata de Ley 925


22292plysyingó in 2013 as a personal project of Asunción Jiménez to publicize their #241 designs of cord braceletsón, silver and gems. It is an initiative born in the rural world, by an entrepreneurial woman who believes in her project,

The Silver Spell Espí is #225; in all his creations. Custom bracelets, which are made for each client. With a lot of carápositive and color. With messages engraved on silver plates that celebrate life and happiness. In Silver Spell we seek to surprise and thrill the person who receives the gift



We want to make customized creations for each client, with recordings on the silver plates, to transmit messages of love, support, cariño, that he likes the product and values the craftsmanship done.

A #233 through this initiative I would like to access a wide #250; más. The goal is to find a new sales channel.


Lo composes the creator of the brand, Asunción Jiménez, with external collaborations in creationón and content maintenance for web.

Ximo Serra
03 May, 2022

¡Muy buenas! Nos alegra ver que tu experiencia con Hechizo de Plata ha sido agradable, Ximo. Cuenta con nuestra ayuda siempre que la necesites. ¡Un saludo!