Game Movil Color Vision Construction Set - 15-piece container

Game Movil

Game Movil

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Game of constructionón of geometric forms of plé #225;stico containing 15 pieces with 5 sizes: rectñ #225;ngulo, square, círculo, triángulo rectángulo and quarter of círculo.

The colors used for these pieces are the colors básicos as red, blue, yellow, green and purple.
All the corners areán rounded getting así a estética más soft and fun.
Esta lñ #237;nea allows children and #241 children to stack pieces on top of one another, play with balance, combine different colors, create shades of colors and see the world of another color by looking through #233 the figures.

Eder educational potential: stimulates creativity; initiates #243 logical reasoning; perfects fine motor skills; promotes sensory development; develops visual #243 stimulation and spatial #243 orientation
fosters organizational competence in terms of order and classification #243.

Sa recommended age: + 1 año.

Meathing of the container: 19,5x26,5Øcm.

Fabricado en España.

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