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Game Movil beganó to manufacture in 1978 in Ibi (Alicante). Our initial products were miniature metal cars, but as trends in children'#241 toys changed, we modified our production #243 to reflect new demands. We #241 and manufacture multi-level garages, larger #225 trucks and muñecas trolleys.

In 1998, we shifted our strategy towards developing educational and fun toys for #241 children.

En 2002 we started manufacturing #243 the first building blocks #243 of different #241 sizes.

On 2010 we changed our image, developed our new logo and continued to embrace #243 modernization and change. Over the next few years we #241 we increased our product range with Pixel Color, Color Vision and Giant Blocks.

On 2019 we launched Puzzle Up, our brilliant and fun vertical construction puzzle #243 that uses #243 blocks printed using #233 a special technique developed by Game Movil with a variety of fun #241 designs. This line of #237 products can be customized

We continue to innovate and develop products that help #241 children learn by playing. The growth of our company continues #250 and, like the #241 children for whom we make toys, we never stop having fun and learning.


Currently we have a wide range of educational toys made of #225 plastic among which our construction games stand out, composed of 7 ló #237;neas of high value añadido and with different shapes, sizes and colors.#241

One of our key products is Puzzle Up, it is a vertical puzzle that uses #243 building blocks printed with a wide variety of #241 designs. We have several #237 lines: simple puzzles with animal designs from 3 #241 years #241, thematic puzzles from 5 years #225 #241, puzzles with fun #241 from 7 #241 years, bilingual puzzles #252 like the families of the world, farm animals or jungle animals. This line of #237 products can be customized. Próximamente we will market a línea of puzzles for adults.

Además we carry out the entire manufacturing process#243;n, designño, prototype, molds, injectionón, assembly and palletizing of any product in #225 plastic and metal.

Toy our products are #241 designed and manufactured in Spain #241, in our facilities in Ibi (Alicante) and comply with European and American safety and quality regulations.

As a company and equipment, our #243 next steps lead us to develop a range of sustainable and ecological blocks and packaging.#243


Our company is as strong as our team, which is currently 6 people in fábrica in the following departments: administration #243, sales and exports, marketing, design#241; o, production #243, assembly and packaging and 15 people externally.