Game Movil Giant Blocks - Pack of 14 pieces

Game Movil

Game Movil

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Giant plastic construction #243 #225 game containing 14 pieces with 2 #241 sizes and different colors.
Ny #241 can build larger and more spectacular figures #225 #160 fitting the pieces or forming drawings horizontally on top of a surface.
Sus extraordinary dimensions allow to build monumental figures coming to offer many ísimas más functions to the product and ensuring greater entertainment.
The pieces differ by having rounded and soft shapes.
Ededential potential: stimulates creativity; initiates in #243 logical reasoning; enhances gross and fine motor skills; develops #243 vision and spatial #243 orientation; favors #225 basic and mathematical skills; fosters organizational competence in terms #225 of order and classification #243;n; provides self-esteem for achievement; favors manual skill.
Recommended age: + 10 months.
Pack measurements: 24,5x30x20cm.
Made in Spainña.

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