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Pack of 5 self-adhesive stamps of TUSELLO Tarifa A from the collection 'Difficult to see', which portrays animals in danger of extinction: thegiant lizard of El Hierro, brown bear, imperial eagle, monk seal and Sumatran tiger.

Are you aware of the serious problem posed by the extinction of species? This is a problem that has been aggravated across the planet by climate change, pollution, deforestation and the mega fires of recent years. Our closest example are the Iberian lynx, the Cantabrian capercaillie and the bearded vulture, these three species of our country are in critical danger of extinction.

How can you help? Taking action to solve this problem is vital, the best thing we can do to save these species is to give them visibility, that is why from correos we created the awareness campaign #DifícilesDeVer, which consists of three different packs of stamps with five animals in danger of extinction in each pack.

In Correos we have a clear commitment to the 2030 Agenda and the achievement of the SDGs, and we collaborate with associations such as WWF Spain that deal with causes such as the reforestation of forests and the protection of animal species in danger of extinction.

Let's make everyone so that they are not so difficult to see, because not everything is urgent, but taking care of the planet is!

About this pack:

Product of Filatelia Correos, sold and sent by Correos

      Printing: Offset in coated, rubberized and phosphorescent support.

      Seal size: 28.8 x 40.9 mm (vertical).

      Postal value of the stamp: 0,75€ (sold in pack of 5)

      Rate A. National validity.

      Circulation: 300 packs.

      Product exempt from VAT.

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