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DiCAPac Action DP-1C car mountThe Dicapac Action mount goes well with outdoor activities. It is available for iPhone, Galaxy and all smartphones. If you want to explore the area surrounded by water, you will feel free to use your smart devices as a tablet PC. While you're yachting, it often enters the water. Car Mount Dicapac action goes on the windshield or dashboard. It will be your browser when you are in danger. Easy to slide and lock Is the case quite simplely Dicapac Action to put on the mount and remove. Match the arrow and slide sample. Once you used it for him, you won't be irritated. Press and turn systemPress and turn system with Mount Action goes any angle with you, feel free to take photos with Dicapac Action. Dicapac Action adopts press and system rotation. When your fingers are wet, don't worry about using your smart devices. Final Rating: You should make sure the mount pressure on the board. We do not guarantee without your last check. Features:-DiCAPac suction cup holder for smooth surfaces-Ideal on boats, boats, kayaks or cars-Easy assembly and disassembly with knob-Great fixation and stamina-Compatible with mount: DiCAPac-Manufacturer reference : DP-1C-Compatible products : DiCA ActionPac-Color mounts: Black-Weight: 79 gEAN: 8809176630538

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